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Term Life Insurance
Just as the name of this product describes, the coverage is good for a certain period of time, or better put, a TERM. This is a very practical insurance purchase to cover temporary and high expense needs such as debt, assuring income for a young family, college expenses, mortgages, and any other type of financial need for a specific period of time (Term). Term life insurance is very low cost because term is considered temporary coverage, and more than likely you will out live the term of the coverage.
Permanent Life Insurance
Again, just as the name implies, this life insurance is for your permanent needs. For example: burial and final expenses in life, care of a surviving spouse. This coverage guarantees you the same coverage for life, and the premiums never change. It's Permanent! Permanent Life Insurance costs more than term because the coverage remains in effect for your entire life at the same premium as when the policy is issued. It is a good idea to have at least enough permanent life insurance to cover your funeral cost. This can be purchased for you, your spouse, children, and grand children.

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